What is Nutrition Support Clinic?

Nutrition Support Clinic specializes in working with those in transition. Students, working professionals, families, and those finding themselves somewhere in between may find themselves looking for nutrition support. By prioritizing personal goals and values of wellbeing, we can help you get from surviving to thriving in the world. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case. We also customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. After all, food and health awareness helps balance those transitions of life. It can support and guide you towards the things you care about: quality of life, family, and friends.


Our Team

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Aiysha Ahmed MS RD CDE

Aiysha has worked in the Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) and Partners in AIDS Care and Education (PACE) clinics of Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital Systems. She has experience providing diabetes self-management training and focusing on patient centered goals to foster positive and sustainable outcomes. As a Certified Diabetes Educator, Aiysha regularly stays up to date on diabetes management technology and advancements in diabetes care. She is passionate about working with clients overcoming their personal barriers in a culturally competent manner. Aiysha is bilingual in both Hindi and Urdu. Ultimately, her goal is to support clients and their families as they focus on long term lifestyle interventions and positive behavioral changes for optimal diabetes control.  


Saturdays in Santa Clara

Insurances Accepted

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of California; United Healthcare


The University of Memphis

M.S., R.D. – Clinical Nutrition, 2011

The University of California, Davis

B.S. – Clinical Nutrition, 2008

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Nutrition Project Manager


Raida has experience providing one-on-one nutrition counseling to diverse patients at Shifa Community Clinic. She is passionate about improving health outcomes through lifestyle modifications, and believes that assessing social and psychological barriers to healthy eating is crucial to create sustainable behavioral change. She has worked as a graphic designer for a biochemistry citizen science video game, and loves to integrate technology with science whenever possible. In her free time, Raida likes to explore her creative side and experiment with cooking and painting.


University of California, Davis
B.S. – Nutrition Science, 2018

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Founder, Dietitian

Bryan Lian MS RD CEDRD-S

From working at Boston Children's Hospital to Stanford Children’s Health in the Bay Area, Bryan has worked with thousands of clients and families since 2011. Practicing in Silicon Valley has given Bryan the hands-on experience with how technology, creativity, and resourcefulness can help to meet the needs of his clients and their care teams. Staying up to date on the latest nutritional and healthcare management science and finding unique and creative solutions brings Bryan personal joy and professional satisfaction.



Sundays in Menlo Park; Mondays & Fridays in Santa Clara

Insurances Accepted

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of California


University of California, San Francisco
M.S. - Health Admin, 2017

Boston Children's Hospital
Adolescent Fellowship, 2012

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
R.D., 2011

Rutgers University - New Brunswick
B.A., Biology and Nutrition, 2010