What are the benefits of working with a dietitian?

When you go to see a RD, it isn’t like following the latest diet trend on social media. A dietitian knows that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. A RD takes your medical history into account, learns what kinds of foods you like, and what your lifestyle is like to recommend strategies to work towards that you’ll enjoy and benefit from. Our RDs are trained to meet you at your comfort level with change, while examining the potential pain points or barriers to change. Here are some of our practice beliefs:

  1. Healthy eating (and being) should be about giving, not taking away options

  2. Health and wellbeing is not one-size-fits-all

  3. Reclaiming health leverages the right resources, environment, and support

  4. Diets have a beginning and an end, but healthy habits create a lifestyle that lasts for you and your loved ones

  5. We partner with you, the expert of your own life

  6. Engaging clients means applying and experiencing nutrition, not just talking about it

  7. Weight/size stigma and bias is real, so our aim is to break that cycle

In your first session, you’ll start with a plan and begin setting goals. Then, as you continue to go to follow up sessions, you are maintaining and reporting progress and developing new strategies to combat eating dilemmas as they arise to make for long-lasting results.