Nutrition Support Clinic is also intentional about professional growth and development in order to provide quality healthcare. We recognize that RDNs considering eating disorder work or working opportunities as mid-career dietitians, working parents, or part-time private practitioners, may be interested in further resources.


Specialty/Elective Rotations or Residency

For Dietetic Interns: Learn how to run and manage a nutrition startup in Silicon Valley. This educational format utilizes an interactive supplemental coursework to help trainees feel comfortable and competent in working with this complex and rewarding business model. The intern can focus on one of three subspecialties:

  • Clinical: Eating & Weight Disorders

  • Outreach: Marketing & Education

  • Health Administration: Quality- and Self-Improvement

The purpose of this rotation is to prepare future dietetic leaders and entrepreneurs to gain mastery and build self-knowledge in the private practice space. It’s especially relevant if the intern is interested in future employment in Silicon Valley.

Eating Disorder Supervision

For Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists (RDNs): Bryan is currently an approved supervisor for the CEDRD. More information on the IAEDP website.


TBD. Currently writing a blog that can be turned into podcasts, vlogs, etc. Will post in the future.