We have partnered with EatLove to provide you with a state of the art meal planning software that can help help save precious time grocery shopping and food planning, while promoting healthful cooking and a love of home cooked meals.

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Get Healthie

By partnering with Healthie, we are able to offer scheduling, virtual counseling, app-based support/logging, secure client-messaging/charting, and seamless billing/payment options. Using this integrated technology, we can offer a home for your nutrition healthcare so you can feel supported throughout the way.


Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

MNT is the clinical expertise, nutrition counseling and education we bring to our clients - the human element to our services. Whether you are looking to manage chronic health conditions, discern fact from fiction, or build lifelong skills. Here are some images that explain what we mean (work in progress):

  • Types of Nutritionists (work in progress)

  • Reasons to see a RD/RDN (work in progress)

  • How to get the most out of your nutrition visit (work in progress)