Our Mission

To provide a safe practice of reconnection, curiosity, and healing through food and movement. To develop lifelong skills and cultivate self-knowledge that can be shared with friends and family. To create a supportive community of thought leaders and healers.

Our Commitment to Inclusive-Care

Respect for Diversity & Cultural Humility

We promise to respect and honor the diversity of client identities: cultures, race/ethnicities, ages, genders, shapes, and sizes. We acknowledge that the intersection of social justice and healthcare begins with cultural humility and respect for diversity.

Current Initiatives to Promote Inclusive-Care


Body Positivity

Acceptance and appreciation for all body sizes, your body as well as the bodies of others.


Unconditional Positive Regard

If we suspend judgement and bias, we can listen without a soundtrack and brave the wilderness together.


Health at Every Size (HAES)

HAES advances social justice via critical awareness, respect, and compassionate self-care. More information can be found here.